Food for you and me

My first is in fish but not in snail. My second is in rabbit but not in tail. My third is in up but not in down. My fourth is in tiara but not in crown. My fifth is in tree you plainly see. My whole a food for you and me. What am I?

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Soar without wings

I soar without wings, I see without eyes. I’ve traveled the universe to and fro. I’ve conquered the world, yet I’ve never been anywhere but home. What am I?

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A little pool

I have a little pool with two layers of wall around it. One white and soft and the other dark and hard. Amidst a light brown grassy lawn with an outline of a green grass. What am I?

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Thin but not fat

I can be thin but not fat; in your body but never on your placemat. I’m always better when I’m fresh, but you’ll never see me in the flesh. What am I?

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