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Thanks for visiting and welcome to GoodRiddles.org!

Many of us already know that riddles are a great workout for our brain. It helps us to think and reason.

It has been a long time since scientists have proven that riddles and other puzzle games can help improve our memory and increase our thinking skills.

Here at GoodRiddles.org, we are committed to giving you not just good riddles but also fun riddles.

Since riddles are helpful to our brain, we believe solving them should not be frustrating.

If you are a pro or just a novice in this game, we have a list of good riddles (with answers) that you will surely enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, browse our collection and give that brain a good workout!

P.S. If you know good riddles that are not yet included in our collection, send them here. We will include them on our list immediately for the whole community to enjoy and think about.